best hack for unlimited uber rides

Back in September-November 2014, I –

  1. Used a simple python code to mail users
  2. Post on social media outside India
  3. Target users with ads

Result – I had close to INR 1.2 lakh + (Rs. 1,20,000) worth Uber credits.

Though not unlimited, I took Uber for close to 2 years absolutely free.

Images (note the old uber logo) –

P.S – I pinged Uber on twitter reg. bug bounty programs. As always, they dint bother to reply back.

P.P.S – Inspiration – This Guy Got $50,000 In Credit From Uber And Ended Up With Free Uber Rides For Life

P^3.S – Ping me for the code, try your luck 😛

Edit 1 – (Image with referral bonus mail) –

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