Healthiest and the cheapest food to eat daily

Good health is achieved by a complete balanced food which covers our both macro and micro requirement and surely it’s not confined to expensive and exclusive food. There are easy and cheap option available which can provide you good health at low cost.

Buttermilk– A gut friendly drink loaded with probiotics, keeps you cool in the summers. A much better options than high calorie sugary drinks to keep you hydrated. You can add fresh mint leaves and dry cumin powder to make it more tastier. It provides you calcium, protein, phosphorus and magnesium.


One of the oldest grain consumed in the world, have multiple health benefits. Good in diabetes. Apart from the known qualities of reducing weight and high fibre, it’s high in certain vitamins and minerals like copper.

Ideal for lunch and dinner.

Instead of rice use barley in your meal

1 bowl gives you 110 kcal

It contains fibre B glucan , it’s a soluble fibre , it absorbs water and form gel like substance in the body,which slows down the digestion process.hence gives feeling of fullness.

1 cup of cooked barley provides 20% of magnesium..

Bajra(Pearl millet) – A healthy cereals which provides all the goodness of an healthy cereal. These are high in complex carbohydrates, fibre, iron,magnesium, phosphorus. Best in diabetes,weight loss,reducing cholesterol and digestive disorders.

It can be consumed in various form like chapati, khichdi or puffs as an evening snack.

For bajra puffs, Simply roast in pressure pan for 8 min add spices like red chilies,salt as per your taste

Calories- 74kcal/20 gm

Wheat Grass juice- These green leaves of wheat are rich in chlorophyll, Vit C,B, k, E, calcium and magnesium.

it’s high chlorophyll content helps to cure anemia and make your skin glow .

other benefits includes

It’s a great detoxifier, works as a energy booster as it helps in increasing Hb levels in the body.

Good for water retention problems


Excellent source of Vit C. Amla is considered as a rejuvenating fruit. it works as an immunity booster, works against free radicals in the body. Increases insulin levels so good for diabetes .

Eggs- An ideal breakfast, rich in proteins. Apart from proteins it contains vitamin A, Folate, vit B5, vit B2, Phosphorus, Selenium and vit B12. Proteins from the egg not only maintains your muscle mass but also helps in fat loss process in the body. It comes in the category of thermogenic foods .

It helps in burning 80-100 kcal per day.

High protein diets increases satiety levels which leads to low calorie intake hence help in weight loss.

Protein helps in increasing muscle mass, higher the muscle mass, more is fat burning in the body.

Soybean– These are high protein,high fibre snacks. Ideal snack for kids to have in evening time. This not only keeps you full but also helps in maintaining muscle mass too.

Amaranth – These are high in calcium and iron. Excellent for knee problems or arthritis. Can be consumed as ladoo or porridge form .Use jaggery as a substitute of sugar to make it more nutrient rich. A good replacement of high calorie chocolates and desserts. Green leaves of amaranth are consumed in north india, popularly known as Chaulai Ka Saag.

Roasted black Chana -These are high fibre, rich in protein,iron. Provides 6gm of fibre per serving. A good source for diabetics as it has low glycemic index, helps in reducing cholesterol. It has manganese and zinc which helps in preventive hair loss and greying of hair.

Calories- 80kcal/50gm

Peanuts- These are commonly found nuts, most popular snacks of the winter. Rich in protein, niacin, Vit E, biotin, copper, and phosphorus. it’s a good source of monounsaturated fatty acids.

Boiled or baked Sweet potato Sweet potato contains complex carbohydrates, it has low glycemic index which provide slow release of glucose after consumption. It has a resistance starch . It has anti inflammatory properties too.

Green Moong Sprouts.
Best food to have in the breakfast.
It’s high fibre content keeps you full for long hours.

it keeps your skin hydrated, being rich in vit E and vit C it keeps your skin young. It provides you good amount of iron

Green leafy vegetables – Choose all the greens, they are loaded with calcium, iron and other vital nutrients. A perfect recipe for weight watchers. Just blanch them or steam them . Use in your s every day salads and smoothies.

Coconut water-An ideal thirst quencher for summers to maintain your electrolyte balance.

Lime juice – An ideal early morning detox, generally taken with honey. Rich in vit C, is good for weight loss and general health.

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