How is Russia able to support such a powerful nuclear arsenal and army with a mediocre GDP?

Very simple. For example: you buy titanium for $ 10, Russia buys for 1. You buy Uranium for $ 10, Russia buys for 1. You pay contractors, Russia does not pay anyone. 95% of the Russian military industrial complex belongs to the state.

US buys titanium from Russia. Russia itself produces titanium. This applies to almost all elements of the periodic table. Just do not underestimate patriotism. For many scientists who have decided to work for the Ministry of Defense, the opportunity to create weapons that destroy the enemy is a national pride. And believe me, these people will do everything possible to create such a weapon.

I think you will not challenge the talent of Russian scientists?

All weapons products are purchased at cost.

Europe buys 40% of gas from Russia. Russia is the largest oil vendor in Europe. Europeans and China pay for the nuclear missiles with which we will destroy them in the event of a third world war. And they have no other choice, they will still do it.

Remember the joke? The capitalists themselves will sell us the rope on which we will hang them

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