Why do childrens of Indian businessmen and actors have their education abroad and not in IITs, IIMs, or AIIMS ?

From Sachin Tendulkar to Shah Rukh Khan and Angelina Jolie to Tom Cruise, all parents have to make choices for their kids’ educational needs. Some choose to send their kids abroad while others prefer homeschooling. Here’s a list of celebrities that have made some great choices for their kids’ future.

Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan has been enrolled at the Sevenoaks School, which is just an half an hour drive from Central London. It is one of the most famous schools there. Shah Rukh’s primary reason for packing off Aryan to London was to take him away the from the intense media glare.

Sushmita Sen’s Daughter Renee too is all set to study in London. Sushmita who took her daughter for a school interview to London recently, said she wants to keep her out of the limelight for the time being.

Saif Ali Khan’s Daughter Sara Khan is packing her bags and will soon be in London for higher education. Bollywood may or may not happen once she comes back, said a source close to Saif. Amrita Singh decided to pack off Sara to London to take her away from the glare of Bollywood.

Queenie Singh’s daughter Tiara Singh is another parent who wants quality education for her daughter. She chose London to provide her daughter quality education that is available in some of the schools in London.

Anil Ambani’s sons:Jai Anmol & Jai Anshul have studied at the prestigious Seven Oaks school in London. It sure seems like a popular choice among the celebs!

And the reason behind all these huge investments into one’s child’s Education is because,

“Parents always want to give their kids the best they can. And while celebrity parents are particularly known to pamper their kids with goodies, they want the best in education for them too. So most celeb’s kids gear up to start schooling/College in prestigious institutions abroad.”

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