Change your life within next 10 minutes

  1. Install a Chrome extension, called Self Control. Set it for 2 hours and manually put in the websites that distract you. Be it PornHub, YouTube or Quora, you won’t be able to access them temporarily.
  2. Go to Udemy and buy a course that revolves around the topic of your interest, worry or concern. Be it calculus, programming, social psychology, or quantum physics and have a blast for 2 hours.
  3. Aim for this pretty damn effective concentration cycle: light concentration (first 5 min), moderate concentration (next 5 min), deep concentration (40 min), and study break (10 min).
  4. Make it a habit. 2 hours per day. Every single day. No excuses.
  5. You’ll thank me in a month because it will be life, if not career changing.
  6. Close this window.

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