One random thing about computers that most people don’t know

You see this when looking for processors:

“64 bit processor”

Can the processor process 64 bits? Nope, not even close.

Let’s start off small with Intel’s first processor, the Intel 4004:

The 4004 is a 4 bit processor, which means it can process 2^4 bytes of information (0.016 KB).

Now, what about the first x86 (an instruction set still used today) processor, the Intel 8086?

The Intel 8086 is a 16-bit processor, therefore it can process 2^16 bytes of information, which is roughly 65.5 KB.

Now, what about this Intel i9 monster?

A 64 bit processor, such as this Intel i9, can process roughly 8GB of data, which is 8 million KB.

Funny story:

I have a processor collection. One processor is 30 years old (the Motorola 68000), two processors were never released (Intel i7 LGA1160 engineering sample, and the Intel Jayhawk), and one processor has 14 cores (and is also an engineering sample).

I recently got this girl’s SnapChat, and made the fatal error of showing her my processor collection. Instantly unadded.

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