Million dollar businesses you can starts now with just your laptop

This depends on your skills. If you have technical skills, you can look for contracts working as a programmer, copywriter, web designer, and in other technical industries.

If you lack those skills, eCommerce is something that almost anyone can get into. This is what I do now, so I will go into more detail about this.

Getting started in eCommerce isn’t hard. The first thing you need to do is learn how to source products. One of the best ways for beginners to do this is to scout through subcategory pages on Amazon. There are a lot of interesting niche categories that have profitable products that even new sellers can compete for.

After creating a shortlist of a few interesting products, search for them on a product insight’s platform like Algopix. Each search is going to show you things like a product’s demand level, competition, how established other sellers are, profit and expenses, and much more. For reference, see the image below:

Once you find a few products that have potential, dig a little deeper and see if you can find out the contact info or website for that product’s supplier. See what it will cost you to source the item. Also take the time to order a sample size of that product to see if the quality is good. Bad quality products will land you negative reviews and lots of returns.

After placing your real order, start listing your items and take the time to create solid product listings. Use high quality photos, well-written descriptions, and market your listings wherever you can.

As you sell your products, start sourcing new ones and repeat this process over and over until you have built up a reliable catalog of products.

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