Advantages of waking up early in the morning

I wake up at 4:20 every morning and snooze exactly 9 min, then rise and shower. I get to the 5 am. Crossfit class every day M-F and get in an incredible training session daily.

After Crossfit, I go home and find my 2 pups in bed with my wife and I spend a few minutes with each one petting and cuddling. My wife is still sleeping and it feels great to me knowing I’ve provided a good enough home for her to sleep in and cuddle with our pups. It’s very tranquil.

I then take a shower and prepare to go to work. I’m usually out the door by 7:00 and go get coffee every morning. The coffee is great and I enjoy the place I get it from. They know me well from being so routine.

I then get to work about an hour and a half before we open. As the General Manager having this much time before the day begins is huge for me. In the last year I’ve learned to do most of my administrative work at that time so I can spend more time with my staff in person.

At 9:00 it’s game time and we’re all working hard. I feel great at this time as I’ve had exercise, coffee and got a few things done already.

Honestly, 4:20 – 9:00 is my favorite time a day every day.

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